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How To Wash Your Dog – A Step By Step Guide

Follow this step by step guide to find out how to bathe your dog. Dogs should generally be bathed around once a month. It helps keep a dog's skin healthy and parasite free. It also reduces the dog's odor which is quite a problem with some pets. Many dogs would prefer to avoid bath time so it is a good idea to start getting them into the routine from as young an age as possible.

To bathe your dog you will need  2 cotton balls and two types of shampoo, tear less and ​whatever your veterinarian or groomer has recommended for your type of dog,


Step 1

Step 1 Put Cotton Balls In Ears

Placing cotton wool in your dog's ear will keep water out. Water can irritate the dog's ears and may cause infection. If the ears are dirty you should use an ear cleaner with a drying agent.

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Step 2

Step 2 Check Water Temperature Before Bathing Dog

Check the water is at the right temperature before wetting the dog.

Step 3

Step 3 Begin By Wetting The Dog's Face And Head

Begin by wetting the dog's face and head making sure that no water goes up the dog's nose. Avoid Wetting the inside of the ears.

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Step 4

Step 4 Wet The Dog's Body Through To The Skin

Wet the dog's body through to the skin.

Step 5

Step 5 Start Shampooing Your Dog with Tearless Shampoo

Start shampooing your dog with tear less shampoo. Even though it is tear less make sure none goes in the your dog's eyes.

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Step 6

Step 6 Scrub The Dog's Hair In The Direction You Want It To Grow

Scrub the dog's hair in the direction you want it to grow.

Step 7

Step 7 Use Shampoo Recommended by Your Vet For The 2nd Wash

Next, use the shampoo that your veterinarian or groomer has recommended

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Step 8

Step 8 Hold The Spray Head Against The Fur When Rinsing

When you have finished shampooing rinse your dog. Hold the spray head against the fur rather than spraying.

Step 9

Step 9 Prevent Your Dog From Shaking

You can prevent your dog from shaking by applying slight pressure to the back of the neck.

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Step 10

Step 10 Rinse Again To Make Sure All Shampoo Is Removed

When you think all the shampoo is removed - rinse again. You must make sure that every last drop of shampoo is gone

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How To Wash Your Dog – A Step By Step Guide
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How To Wash Your Dog – A Step By Step Guide
A pictorial step by step guide to washing your dog at home.
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