Shelter Dogs – US Soldiers To Bring Them Home

Shelter Dogs - US Soldiers To Bring Them Home

We all know that the United States Armed Forces use the latest and most sophisticated technology as the go about their duties. Fewer people are aware of the role of a more traditional helper in these duties.

The US didn't really start to use dogs until the Second World War. The armies of Europe have been using them for far longer - in the case of Germany the use of dogs goes back to well before the First World War.

Dogs were trained for use in a number of areas including ​sentry duty, scout dogs and messenger dogs.

By 1943 the army had obtained at least 11000 dogs for training and they accepted a wide range of breeds.

The military have continued to use dogs in all conflicts right up to the present day. In Vietnam some of the dogs found it a bit difficult to cope with the heat. However, despite this, no guerilla force ever succeeded in penetrating a dog manned sentry post undetected.

These days the United Stated Air Force trains dogs for all branches of the forces including US Customs


Recently the "Life With Dogs" blog carried an article about some shelter dogs that the military is bringing back to the US from the Middle East.

Here is an extract from the Life With Dogs article:

Most everyone is aware that the United States has myriad servicemen and women serving in the Middle East, but fewer are aware of the dogs that often serve alongside. And while some are deployed along with our soldiers, others meet up with them along the way, injecting brightness and love and companionship into tours that can leave a person lonely, stressed, drained.

When two Army servicemen — Sgt. Christian Cox an Spec. Michael Fenton — reached out to Guardians of Rescue for help in bringing two such animals stateside to forever homes, the organization gladly stepped in.

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Shelter Dogs - US Soldiers To Bring Them Home
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Shelter Dogs - US Soldiers To Bring Them Home
Some US soldiers are bringing some shelter dogs from the Middle East to the United States. This continues a tradition of using dogs in the US military.
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