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How To Stop Your Dog Eating Cat Poop

How To Stop Your Dog Eating Cat Poop

Is saying ‘no’ not enough? Your dog stares blankly at you as if you’re from a different planet as you’re hollering at them for eating the cat poop in the litter box. It is revolting!

            Never fear, a dog eating cat poop is normal. Other than someone else generously cleaning out the dirty litter box, however, you need to stop your dog from eating cat poop immediately before the health risk of blockage in your dog’s intestines.

            Before you punish your dog for his behavior, follow these steps to stop your dog from eating cat poop and devise a plan.

What Does My Dog Find Appealing About Eating Cat Poop?

            Before getting into steps to keep your dog away from the litter box, it’s important to answer that lingering question. Since the dawn of time, dogs have been on the prowl, hunting for their meals. Dogs eat anything in sight including their own feces. That’s why they enjoy ripping the garbage open to find any leftovers to eat.

            Dogs are curious. Since they have tried to beat the cat to dinner, in their mind he thinks that the cat generously left a snack for him in the litter box. It’s a natural instinct that only dogs can understand.

What Happens to My Dog if he Keeps Eating Cat Poop?

While in the long run, eating cat poop isn’t bad, harmful bacteria and parasites are transmitted into a dog’s system thus causing them to become very sick. As mentioned above, eating too much cat poop causes a blockage in a dog’s system. It refrains them from using the bathroom, too.

To prevent your dog from illness, follow this list of how to can prevent your dog from this bad, and disgusting habit.

Out of Reach

            Instead of keeping the litter box on the ground, instead, place the litter box on a high shelf or upstairs where your dog cannot leaf through it. Make sure the litter box is still accessible to your cat. They also have a say in this matter.

Which Part of the House is Accessible?

            Make a rule and show the dog which part of the house are inaccessible for him to roam. For example, if the litter box has been moved into the bathroom or the basement, the dog will not get into the litter box.

            Do you have a gate? Or you block half of the door with a block of wood or brick so they can’t fit through the door? That gets your point across fast. Now, your dog is blocked off from a section of the house easily avoiding the cat litter.

Adding an Unappealing Taste

            It’s no delectable meal but adding a spice that your dog is not fond of to their daily snack could solve the problem once and for all. Having to witness a dog ingest cat poop is already disgusting enough.

Here’s an idea, mix in a taste that immediately makes a dog back off. Hide some hot sauce or sprinkle pepper in the litter box. Experiment and see if the dog runs away, avoiding the litter box altogether.

Special Training

If your dog is one step ahead of you and has somehow gotten around all these obstacles, it’s time to have a talk to discuss their behavior.

Whether you or a special dog trainer, command them to leave the litter box alone. From when they’re puppies, dogs should be well aware of commands such as ‘Leave it’ and ‘Drop it!’ Reward them with a treat if they have listened to note that they have done right.

Keep Your Dog Active

            Another idea is to keep your dog active. Eating from the litter box may be a result of boredom. Take your dog for a walk, throw their toys around, and pay attention to their regularly scheduled feeding times. Are they eating cat poop because they don’t have enough to eat?

Don’t Give Up

Keep your vet in the know about the situation and your dog’s health. Instead of leaving the litter box a dirty mess, clean it yourself to avoid the issue. Keep your dog’s environment clean, happy and safe.

How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Cat Poop
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How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Cat Poop
Check out some of the reasons your dog eats cat poop and what you can do to stop it. It can be quite a difficult task.
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