How To Stop Your Dog Eating Cat Poop

How To Stop Your Dog Eating Cat Poop

In the wild dogs are scavengers. Many of them are still happy to search around and eat anything they can find. To these dogs, cat litter trays are an inexhaustible supply of treats. Generally speaking eating cat droppings is not dangerous for dogs. But, let's face it, it looks totally disgusting. The problem is how to stop your dog eating cat poop.

Unfortunately, this can be quite a hard habit to break. The easiest way is to put the litter box in a place where the dog can't get it but it is still accessible to the cat. This can mean putting it in a room such as a mud room or laundry which has a cat door too small for the dog to get through. If you have a small dog this solution may not work. In which case, you may have to put the box somewhere where the cat can jump up to it but the dog can't.

In some cases, the dog is eating the cat faeces because something is lacking in it's own diet. It may be worth discussing this with your vet or you could just try changing the food for a couple of weeks to see if the dog loses interest.


Susan Willett recently wrote an article for the "Dogster' blog describing all the different ways she tried to solve this problem​

Here is some of what she had to say:

My dogs must think it awfully nice of the resident felines to consistently leave these gifts in their boxes. Darned if my dogs don’t feast on feces and come right over to me with poo-poo breath and want to kiss my face.

Talk about potty mouth. I had to figure out a way to stop this disgusting habit.

Experts say you should have one more litter box than you have cats. So four cats means we have five litter boxes in our home. All are in rooms with closable doors: in bathrooms, the basement, and one in my son’s room where one cat spends most of her time.

At first, to keep the dogs out, we used a combination of door stops and braces. I put a brick or other heavy object on the inside of a door to make it difficult to open. That meant every time humans left the bathroom, we had to perform an awkward combination of reaching around the door while pulling the brick toward us and simultaneously closing the door just the right amount so that a cat could fit in but a dog could not. It was not a practical or sustainable solution.

You can read the complete article here.

How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Cat Poop
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How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Cat Poop
Check out some of the reasons your dog eats cat poop and what you can do to stop it. It can be quite a difficult task.
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