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Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up

The purpose of this training is to teach your dog that jumping up doesn't get him what he wants but calm behavior does

step 1: have YOur Dog controlled with a tether

Keeping your dog tethered at this stage means he can only make contact with you when you are close to him. If you move away you are removing the attention he seeks. As soon as he is sitting move towards him.

Have Your Dog Controlled With A Tether
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step 2: move away  if he gets up

By moving away you are showing the dog that he will not get the reward he wants (your attention) with this behavior. The key is not to let him make contact.

Move Away If He Gets Up
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step 3: as soon as his backside is back on the ground move back towards him

When he sits back down you can move back towards him.

Teach Your Dog Not To Jump Up Step 3
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step 4: If he gets up again move away.

Repeat the process - moving towards him when he sits down and moving away when he gets up.

If He Gets Up Again Move Away.
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step 5. continue repeating the process

You need to be patient. Keep repeating the process until the dog learns that he will only get the reward he want when he exhibits the behavior you want.

Continue Repeating the Process
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step 6. the penny drops

Your dog will eventually learn that by staying down he will get the attention he wants.

The Penny Drops
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step 7. praise your dog

When you are praising your dog, it is better to face the same direction as he is. Slowly rubbing his chest is more calming than patting him, especially on the head.

Praise Your Dog
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step 8. maintain a calm atmosphere when giving praise

When praising your dog for the correct behavior don't overdo it. The temptation is to make a really big fuss of him. That is counter productive in this situation

Maintain A Calm Atmosphere When Giving Praise
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When the dog is reliably exhibiting the behavior you want it is time to remove the tether. You should continue with the process of ignoring him when he jumps up and rewarding him with praise when he doesn't.

The result of this training is for the dog to remain calm when greeting you. Even when you come home from a long day away

Watch the video below to see the whole of the training.

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