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Taking Your Dog To A Dog Park

Taking your dog to a dog park has benefits for you and your dog. It gives your dog to interact and socialize with other dogs and it is an opportunity for you to get some exercise.

1. dog parks promote responsible ownership

Taking your dog to a park promotes responsible ownership. Your dog will be off the leash in an area which is designed for the purpose. Instead of running round the streets fouling sidewalks and creating a danger to other users of public spaces, your dog is under control in an area you can keep an eye on him.

Dog Parks - Things To Keep In Mind
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2. Parks Provide A Safe Place To Exercise

Always make sure you know where your dog is and what it is doing. The dog park gives your dog an opportunity to run free, mix with other dogs and generally enjoy himself. However, things can go wrong. This means you should always know exactly where your dog is and what he is up to.

Should I Take My Dog To A Dog Park
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3. provides opportunity for dog owners to meet other dog owners

A trip to the dog park is a chance to meet with other dog owners and make friends. The dog park is a great place for both you and your dog.

Tips For Taking Your Dog To A Dog Park
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4. Results in Highly Socialized Dogs Which Are Less LIkely To Be Aggressive Or Bark UNNECESSARILY

The more time your dog spends with other dogs, the more socialized he will become. This will often mean that he is less aggressive or noisy when he sees other dogs in day to day situations.

Dog Park Etiquette - The Dos And Don'ts Of Using A Dog Park
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5. Train Your Dog To Come When You Call

Your dog should be trained to come when you call. This is an essential step before taking your dog to the park. It is a fairly simple to process and you can check out some step by step instructions here.

Expert Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Dog Park
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6. Make Sure You Know Where Your Dog Is

Always make sure you know where your dog is and what it is doing. You should keep an eye on your dog so that you know what he is doing at all times.

Don’t Take Your Dog To The Dog Park Before Reading These Tips
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7. Always Clean up after your dog

Take a supply of bags with you so that you can clean up after your dog. In fact, many parks supply these bags. Keep the park clean for yourself, your dog and other park users.

Dog Park Safety & Etiquette
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8. Know The Difference Between When Your Dog Is Playing and When Your Dog's upset

Despite all the training and your responsible use of the dog park, occasionally there are upsets. Now and again play gets a bit too rowdy and can lead to trouble. Watch out for this and nip it in the bud.

The Pros and Cons of Taking Your Dog To The Dog Park
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9. should you take Puppies to a dog Park?

Puppies should not be taken to a dog park until they have had all their vaccinations. This is usually at around 16 weeks. After that it is a good idea to take them as early as possible. This will help you raise your puppy as a dog-friendly dog.

Should You Take Puppies To A Dog Park
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