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Teach Your Dog to Wait In 8 Easy Steps

The wait command just means that your dog should pause before moving forward. It doesn’t mean that have to be totally motionless – it just means they should not move forward.

step 1: Get your dogs attention and offer her a treat.

Teach your dog the wait command - Step 1
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step 2: If she goes for the treat close your hand and take the it away.

Teaching Your Dog The Wait Command Step 2
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step 3: only when she does not attempt to get the treat is she given her reward

Teaching Your Dog To Wait Step 3
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step 4: Throw the treat forward so your dog can retrieve it.

You must toss the treat forward. You want your dog to move forward when she hears the release word.

Teaching your dog the wait command - step 4
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step 5: Keep repeating the procedure.

At this stage you will not be using the command wait. You are just teaching the behaviour. Repeat the process until you can put the treat on the floor in front of the dog and she still doesn’t go for it.

Train your dog yo wait - Step 5
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step 6: Wait for eye contact before releasing the dog.

Eye contact is asking for permission to move forward. It is almost as if the dog is saying “May I?”

Teaching the wait command step 6
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step 7: Add the “wait” command.

When the dog has learnt the behaviour it is time link the command and the procedure. Just before you show her the treat say the command “wait”

Training your dog to wait
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step 8: Say the release word when you get eye contact.

The dog should ignore the treat. As soon as she makes eye contact say the release word “OK”

Training your dog to wait - final step
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You can use a similar technique to teach your dog not to go through open doors without permission. You substitute the open door for the treat. Have the door open. If the dog moves forward without permission close the door. Repeat this process until she obeys the wait command and looks at you for permission before she moves forward.

Watch the video below to check out the entire training.

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Teach Your Dog to Wait In 8 Easy Steps
Teaching your dog to wait is a stepping stone to teaching them not to run through an open door or jump out of the car without permission
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