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Teach Your Dog To Pay Attention – Your Dog Should Listen When You Call

You can't train your dog to do anything if he is not listening when you speak. Follow this simple process to get your dog to listen when you call his name

1. Feed your dog a few treats

Give your dog a few treats to let him know what is in your hand

Train Your Dog To Pay Attention
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2. Call your dog's name

Hold your hand, with a treat inside in front of your dog's face. Call his name. Your want him to look at your face.

Train Your Dog To Listen To You In 7 Simple Steps
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3. reward Your dog

When your dog looks into your face, or preferably your eye, reward him.

Tips That Will Allow Anyone To Train Their Dog To Pay Attention
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4. repeat 

Repeat the same routine until your dog is doing this reliably. Be patient, some dogs will take longer to learn this than others. Some dogs have high food motivation and they will learn this quickly.

Teach Your Dog To Listen To You Using This Easy to Follow Method
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5. Move to a standing position.

Repeat the exercise from a standing position. When your dog is getting the correct behavior 9 times out of 10, you are ready to move to the next step

The Ultimate Guide to Training Your Dog To Pay Attention
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6. add a distraction

This step is a little more difficult for your dog so don't start this until he is really going well with the earlier steps. This time you will hold the treat away from your face. He will need to look away from the food and at you before he gets a reward.

Teach Your Dog To Listen - The Ultimate Guide
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7. Reward your dog

When he looks away from the treat and at your face reward him. Make sure you don't desensitise your dog to hearing his name. If he doesn't respond to his name make a kissing noise with your lips to get his attention. Then start over. If you are having trouble at any stage, it is OK to go back a step.

7 Steps to Follow When Teaching Your Dog to Pay Attention
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Here is a video with the step by step instructions.

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