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Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling – A Step By Step Guide

10 Step To Successfully Training Your Dog To Stop Pulling

If your dog constantly pulls on the leash it makes walking unpleasant for both of you. Teaching your dog to stop pulling is relatively simple. However, it does take commitment. Your dog has to learn that pulling will not get him where he wants to go any faster.

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Teach Your To Walk Nicely On A Loose Leash

You have to teach your dog that pulling will never ever get him where he wants to go. He has to learn that the quickest way to get where he wants to go is to walk nicely on a loose leash.

Step 1: Start Training In A Quiet Place With No Distractions

Train Your Dog To Stop Pulling In 10 Simple Steps

You need to start the training in a really quiet place with no distractions.

Step 2: Select Some Yummy Training Treats

Tips That Will Allow Anyone To Train Their Dog To Stop Pulling

You need some really yummy training treats.

Step 3: Use A 6 Foot Training Leash And A Plain Collar

Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling Using This Easy to Follow Method

Use a six foot training leash clipped on to a plain collar.

Step 4: Teach Your Dog That A Loose Leash Is Good

The Ulltimate Guide to Training Your Dog To Stop Pulling

The first thing to teach your dog is that a loose lead is good.

Step 5: As Long As The Leash Is Loose Give Him A Treat

Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling - The Ultimate Guide

As long as the lead is loose – It doesn’t matter where he is – you can give him a treat. Hold the lead right at the end and the dog will learn that if the leash is loose good things will happen. Practice this a lot. The dog learns that as soon as the lead is clipped on the lead has to be loose while you are standing still. If at any time the lead gets tight withhold the treat, stand still and wait for him to come back to you. When the leash becomes loose again, reward with a treat.

Step 6: Add A Distraction To Make It Harder

10 Steps to Follow When Teaching Your Dog to Stop Pulling

The next step is to add a distraction to make it a little bit harder. Maybe, something like a toy your dog really loves. You are going to teach your dog that the only way to get to the toy is to walk towards it with a slack leash

Step 7: If The Leash Gets Tight Back Up

How Easy Is It To Teach Your Dog to Stop Pulling

You start walking towards the toy and if the leash gets tight you back up

Step 8: As Soon As He Gets Back To You Start Walking Again

Here's A Quick Way to Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling

As soon as he comes back to you start walking again. The only way he is going to get where he wants is to walk with a loose leash. If he gets all the way with a loose leash he can have it.

Step 9: He Will Only Get Where He Wants On A Loose Leash

Now You Can Teach Your Dog To Stop Pullilng (Even With Zero Training Experience)

Your dog has to believe 100% that the only way he is going to get to that toy is if the lead is loose and that if the lead gets tight at all it is going to take twice as long.

It is easy to train your dog to walk on a loose leash but it does take patience and perseverance. From now on your dog must never ever be allowed to pull on the lead again.

Step 10: It Is Better To Use A Harness Than Allow Your Dog To Pull

10 What Everybody Ought To Know About Training A Dog To Stop Pulling

Sometimes you are in a hurry to get somewhere or you are having a day when you just don’t have time to teach your dog. The problem is that if, just once, he gets somewhere faster by pulling he will continue to believe that it is worth a try. So, as far as possible, these situations should be avoided. If this can’t be done, it is better to use a harness or a head collar to give you more control rather than let him pull on a leash.

Watch this video with Carolyn Menteith to see this training in more detail.

Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling – A Step By Step Guide
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Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling – A Step By Step Guide
A simple step by step guide to stop your dog pulling
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