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Teach Your Puppy To Stop Biting

Bringing home a new puppy is a great experience for the whole family. However, many families are not prepared for the amount of bites they will get as they play with their puppy. Sometimes a puppy will bite so hard that children avoid playing with him.

Here are some tips that will help you teach your puppy that you don't want him to bite.

1. it is important to understand that it is natural for  a puppy to use its mouth during Play

If you watch two puppies playing you will notice them continually biting and mouthing each other.

The Secrets Of Teaching Your Puppy To Stop Biting
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2. Your Puppy will want to play with you in the same way it plays with other puppies.

Your puppy will not understand that you do not want to play with them in the way another puppy will play with them. Your puppy needs to be taught how to use their mouth appropriately when playing with you or other people.

Teach Your Puppy To Stop Biting Using This Easy to Follow Method
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3. When your puppy bites you - tell him no.

When your puppy is playing with you and biting you, you should tell him no and then redirect his attention to another object. 

Here's A Quick Way to Teach Your Puppy To Stop Biting
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4. When he has stopped biting you can divert his attention to another object

You have told him no. So when he is listening to you and has stopped biting, it is time to divert his attention to another object.

Why Wait Teach Your Puppy To Stop Biting Using This Simple Method
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5. Give him a toy he can bite

Give him a toy he can bite. That way, he knows that you are still interested in playing with him but in a different way, 

What Everybody Ought To Know About Training A Puppy To Stop Biting
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6. rotate the toys to keep them interesting

To maintain your puppy's interest, it is a good idea to use different toys.

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It is important to get the timing right with this training. As soon as the puppy starts biting, you should sharply say no (or another marker word). Then pause for a short time and offer the diversion.

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