November 27


The Ultimate Guide To Dog DIY Projects – Part 10

There is no limit to the ways you can save money and get enormous satisfaction from making things for your dog. We have combed the web to find DIY projects for every kind of dog care item. Here are some of our favorites.

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91. paracord dog collar

Follow the step by step instructions to make this paracord dog collar.

Image via Mississippi Outdoor Forums website.

92. cheap dog toy

Make this simple dog toy in just a few minutes using a couple of items

Image via Cozy Condo blog

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93. modern diy dog house

Just a few tools are needed to follow the instructions for this DIY Dog House

Image via Woodshop Diaries website.

94. diy pet coat pattern

Use this DIY pet coat pattern to make a range of coats for your dog.

Diy Pet Coat Pattern

Image via Sew Doggy Style website.

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95. diy doghouse gazebo

Check out the plans for this doghouse gazebo

Diy Doghouse Gazebo

Image via Jen Woodhouse website.

96. Daisy's crate Bed

Full instructions for making this crate bed for your dog

Daisy's Crate Bed

Image via Home Frosting blog

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97. build your own dog wash station

Save thousands of dollars by building your own dog wash station.

Image via A Concord Carpenter website.

98. cooling dog bed

Help keep your pet cool on hot summer days with this cooling dog bed.

Cooling Dog Bed

Image via Kolchak Puggle website.

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99. Dog collar tutorial

Make this beautiful dog collar following the steps in this dog collar tutorial

 Dog Collar Tutorial

Image via Lolita Patterns website.

100. cheap safe dog car seat

A dog car seat you can make for just a few dollars

Image via Instructables website.

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101. home made dog bed

Two ideas were combined to make this beautiful dog bed

Image via Big Blue House Blog

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