November 27


The Ultimate Guide To Dog DIY Projects – Part 7

There is no limit to the ways you can save money and get enormous satisfaction from making things for your dog. We have combed the web to find DIY projects for every kind of dog care item. Here are some of our favorites.


Your dog will enjoy playing with this donut rope dog toy

Semi Diy Donut Rope Dog Toy

Image via Pretty Fluffy website.

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62. diy $12 pet bed

It only takes a couple of hours to build this beautiful pet bed.

Diy $12 Pet Bed

Image via Shanty 2 Chic website.

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63. dog poop composter

Dispose of your dog's poop without using plastic bags with the DIY Dog Poop Composter

Dog Poop Composter

Image via Shelterific website.

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64. diy Dog Bed

This DIY dog bed is designed to look like it was made from an upcycled drawer.

Diy Dog Bed

Image via Sawson Skates website.

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65. how to build a dog ramp

If your dog has trouble jumping into bed at night then this Dog Ramp is just what you need.

How To Build A Dog Ramp

Image via This Old House website.

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66. Dog doo compost bin

Build this dog doo compost bin from an old plastic container

Dog Doo Compost Bin

Image via Calico Road website.

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67. puppy play box

This easy-to-make play box will provide endless stimulation for your puppy.

Puppy Play Box

Image via Instructables website.

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68. dog treat jar

Store your dog's treats in this cute dog treat jar.

Puppy Play Box

Image via Mrs Kathy King website.

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69. how to construct a shaded dog run

Follow this step by step guise to build a shaded dog run

How To Construct A Shaded Dog Run

Image via DIY Network website.

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70. how to make a dog door bell

This dog door bell will let your dog tell you when he wants to go outside.

How To Make A Dog Door Bell

Image via Daily Puppy website.

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