November 27


The Ultimate Guide To Dog DIY Projects – Part 9

There is no limit to the ways you can save money and get enormous satisfaction from making things for your dog. We have combed the web to find DIY projects for every kind of dog care item. Here are some of our favorites.

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81. diy dog treat mason jars

Keep your dog's treats fresh with these neat dog treat mason jars


Image via Pawlogic website.

82. repurposed dog crate from baby crib

Make an elegant dog crate from an old baby crib.


Image via My Repurposed Life website.

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83. diy friendship bracelet collar for you and your dog

Make a matching collar and bracelet set for you and your dog


Image via The Broke Dog website.

84. simple crafts for paw print art

This paw print art is just one example of what can be found on the Home Talk site


Image via Home Talk website.

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85. diy pet hammock

Your dog can curl up in comfort is this gorgeous pet hammock.


Image via Inspirational Momma website.

86. diy technicolor dog leash

Walk your dog with style using this technicolor dog leash


Image via Studio DIY website.

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87. diy dog leash holder

Make this stylish dog leash holder


Image via By Dawn Nicole website.

88. tug of tugs made of double woven fleece.

This tug toy is made out of other tug toys.


Image via Dalmatian DIY website.

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89. how to make a Dog crate

Easy to follow step by step instructions for this dog crate


Image via This Old House website.

90. how to make fleece dog boots

Find out how to make the fleece dog boots for your dog.


Image via Condo Blues website.

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