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Things To Do With Your Dog In The Fall

Things To Do With Your Dog This Fall

Fall is a great time to get out and about with your dog. There is an invigorating nip in the air and it’s time to get moving. Some of these activities are specifically designed for participation with dogs, Others are just traditional fall activities which you can take your dog along to.

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Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkins are best picked on a dry day. So, make a list of the pumpkin patches near you check their pricing so that when a sunny fall day arrives, you're ready to go. While you are selecting the best pumpkins to pick, your dog will enjoy sniffing around the area and maybe making some new friends.

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Hiking With Your Dog

What could be nicer on a beautiful fall day then hiking through the woods with your canine companion. You will both benefit from the fresh air and exercise. He will enjoy sniffing around under the fall leaves. And who knows, you may even find some mushrooms to bring home.

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Canicross Is more popular in Europe and the UK than it is in the US. It developed in Europe as a way of keeping dogs and humans fit during the non-sledding season. The idea is that the dog is attached to his owner by a bungee style rope. The dog and the owner run around a predetermined course. The dog is supposed to pull the owner and the bungee absorbs any shock. 

The sport originated using sledding type dogs, but now all breeds of dog are involved.

You could consider starting a canicross club in your area.

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Bikejoring Is similar in concept to canicross and it also originated in the sport of sledding. In this case the owner is on a bicycle which is attached by bungee to the dog. You need to take care that the bungee rope does not become entangled in the front wheel of the bicycle.

Speeds can become quite high and it can be quite dangerous. You shouldn't do this on busy streets and you should wear a helmet. It is much easier for the dog to pull you off balance in this activity than in canicross. You need to spend some time training your dog.

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Treiball Originated in Germany and there is an American Treiball Association. 

It is ideal for herding type breeds. Your dog will need to know some basic commands before you start. The word treiball means pushball and the idea of the game is to push a number of balls into a goal.

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Barkour is basically dog walking with a twist. It is parkour for dogs. Parkour (which is the human version) developed from military obstacle course training. Participants have to get from one place to another over a number of obstacles. It originated in France. At its highest level it can be considered as an extreme sport and can be quite dangerous.

The dog version mains introducing some agility training and obstacles into your normal walking routine.

When you start you will need to introduce your dog to some new commands such as "over" or "under". As you progress your dog will become quite fit and if you plan to keep up, you will too.

Hopefully this article gives you the inspiration to take part in some new activities with your dog this fall. if you don't feel quite this energetic consider some more traditional fall activities like apple picking or just playing around with the fallen leaves.

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