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Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe

Keeping Your Dog Safe

Keeping a dog can be great fun, for kids and adults alike. But it also comes with great responsibility. For your dog’s safety, we bring to you the some simple but essential tips.

Dogs can get into some weird situations. How do you deal with a lost dog? What do you do if your dog ingests a toxin?  What about injuries? We cover all these scenarios in this article.

You may feel that your dog is almost human. However, dogs cannot speak, so although they look out for us, it is essential to look out for them as well and ensure their safety.

Many things that can go wrong with dogs. If you want them to be safe in your tender loving care, you can follow these useful tips, and you can't go wrong!

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Dogs are curious animals. Your garden is likely to be filled with exciting 'smells' which makes it an exciting place for your pooch. However, some plants are toxic to dogs. Ensure that your dog stays away from these. Also, keep dangerous household cleaners and chemicals away from your dog. In case of ingestion, be aware of what to do. If in doubt, make an emergency trip to the vet.

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Dogfights occur due to a variety of reasons, like courting competition, territorial disputes, and protecting their owners. In the presence of unknown dogs, be cautious, and assess the mood of both your dog and the other one and keep them separate if in doubt. In case of a dogfight, be aware of how to separate the fighting dogs by spraying them with a hosepipe or bucket of water, shouting, or throwing harmless objects at them.

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Whether summer or winter, each season brings its own hazards for your dog. Surprisingly, even dogs can get sunburn. Summer also brings the possibility of heatstroke. Keep your dog cool in the warm weather and warm when it's cold. Summertime brings all kinds of diseases, so keep your pet dry and healthy and mostly indoors during the summer season. Monitor your dog while swimming to see that she doesn't ingest the water, which can contain harmful parasites.

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missing dogs

Prevent a dog from being lost or stolen by never losing sight of them. Always keep your dog leashed. You can get your dog microchipped in case of your dog getting lost. Also, keep your dog's latest photo handy. Leave identification and your contact details on your pet and keep a list of local shelters and rescue organisations in your area. Make a plan in case your dog gets lost.

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driving and Travel

Most dogs love a ride in a car. However, it is a good idea to get a doggie seatbelt installed, for safety and legal requirements. NEVER leave your dog locked alone in the car. You can keep a stock of dog food in the car in case of an emergency like a breakdown or traffic snarls. Carry adequate water for your pet as well.

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public etiquette

You need to follow specific unwritten rules while your dog is in the proximity of other people. First and foremost, respect the sentiments of other people, and if they are uncomfortable in your dog's presence, keep her away from them. Make sure to put a collar and leash on your dog while in public. When outside, ensure that you have total control over your dog, and never leave her unattended. It goes without saying that you are personally responsible for disposing of your pet's animal waste.

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general safety

Here are some general dog safety tips:

  • Keep your garden free from poisonous plants and dangerous obstructions.
  • Store dangerous household products safely.
  • Ensure leashes and collars are in good condition.
  • If possible, never leave your dog alone in a car.
  • Have your dog’s medical records accessible and up-to-date.
  • Learn first-aid procedures and assemble a doggie first-aid kit.
  • Be aware of when your pet is stressed, anxious, sick, or in pain.
  • Keep exits secure, to prevent your dog from escaping (some of them love to do that!)
  • Be vigilant when children are around your dog, especially toddlers.
  • Take your dog to the vet for regular check-ups and adhere to the inoculation schedule.
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be safe with Your furry friend

A lot of these tips are based on common sense. However, first-time dog owners may need a little guidance, and the tips that we provide here are aimed at such people. However, we feel that even veteran dog owners should be able to take away something from this article. Follow these amazingly-simple tips to keep your dog safe always!

Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe
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Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe
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