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Top Tips For Naming Your Dog

Finding ideas for naming your dog

You have spent some time doing your research and you have finally chosen the right dog. Very exciting! Now it is time to choose the dog’s name.

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How to Choose a dog's name

Obviously you should choose a name you like, but there are some other considerations too. Use a short name – one or two syllables. The simpler the name, the easier it will be for your dog to learn. Dogs respond well to high frequency sounds so pick a name beginning with a consonant. Names beginning with “sh” or “ch” are good.

There is nothing to say that you have to keep a dog's name forever, so when you have picked a new name, try it for a few days to see if it feels right.

While it is generally OK to change your dog’s name, bear in mind that older dogs will find it harder to adjust to a new name than a young dog. If you are giving a forever home to an older shelter dog, it may be better to stick to his current name.

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Don’t pick a name that could be confused with a command. Names that rhyme with commands like “sit’, “stay” or “wait” should be avoided.

Choose a name that others will not find offensive.  A name that may seem funny when it is chosen could lead to embarrassment later.

Avoid choosing one of the more popular dog’s name. You could be exercising with your dog at a dog park and find that several dogs there have the same name. Not only will your dog be confused when his name is called but so will all the others.

Dogs’ names. Just like most things in life, follow fashions. For your dog’s sake try, to be different.

If you do choose a long name then you will probably end up using a shortened version of it. The same rules for choosing a name will apply to the shortened version.

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Inspiration for choosing your dog's name

People sometimes choose the name of a favorite family member to name their dog. It is a good idea to discuss this with the family member first. What you see as a compliment, may be seen by them as an insult.

You could choose a name based on your dog’s appearance. Often, dog owners choose names based on the coat color of their dog. Examples are Snowflake or Blackie. Your dog’s appearance could be distinctive in some other way. Try to find a synonym for the characteristic.

Another option is to copy the name of a dog belonging to one of your favorite celebrities. You can find a list of these names here:  Celebrity Dog Names

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Common methods of choosing your Dog's name

One of the most common methods of choosing your dog’s name is to pick the name of a dog you knew in the past. This could be a link to your childhood – the name of your grandparent’s dog for example. Or simply a dog you had crossed paths with at some stage that made a big impression on you.

Choosing a name connected with your cultural heritage is also common. The name of the region you are from may be ideal. Galway, for example. It could be a common first name for humans in the country you are from. Examples are “Pierre” or “Fritz”. These names are good when the breed of dog is also associated with that particular country. Breeds like the French Bulldog or German Shepherd.

Some Breeds, for example, the English Bulldog are suited to old peoples’ names. These are often names which were popular in the past but which have never come back in to fashion. Examples are “Walter” and “Harriet.

Naming your dog is exciting, but within a few weeks, both you and your dog will have accepted the name. You can now focus on more important stuff like going on regular adventures together.







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