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What Dog Has The Strongest Bite?

What Dog Has The Strongest Bite?
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Kangals have the strongest bite among dog breeds. The unit used to quantify the strength of a dog's bite is in pounds per square inch with the notation psi or lbf/in2. Essentially, it is the pressure resulting from a pound stressing one square inch of surface. Kangals take the lead in terms of bite force at 743 psi which makes sense considering they are local guard dogs in Turkey. Other strong biters that ranked at the top are American Bandogge with 730 psi, Cane Corso with 700 psi, and Dogue De Bordeaux, Tosa Inu, and English Mastiff tied with 556 psi. Interestingly, the dog that's believed to inspire the most fear of being bitten by, the Rottweiler, doesn't even rank at the top 10 with its 328 psi of bite placing it at rank 12.

This list dispels the myth that dogs could bite with up to a devastating force of 2,000 psi. Even a large wolf with the superior bite force could only reach 1,200 psi. To compare bite force, an average wolf bites at around 400 psi whereas dogs range between 230 to 250 psi on average. Meanwhile, humans bite with 140 psi on average.

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