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What You Need To Know About Dog Anatomy

Some of the names used for the parts of a dog's body are the same as those used in everyday language. Others are more specialized. This article will try to use as many terms as possible.

1. standing four square

Standing four square simply means your dog is standing on all four legs.

The Body Parts Of A Dog Explained
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2. dog's head

Clearly, this is the dog's head

The Dogs Body Parts You Should Know
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3. dog's foreface

The area between the nose and a point between the eyes is the foreface

Can You Name Your Dogs Body Parts
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4. the stop

A point between the eyes is the stop. Some dogs have a gradual stop while in others it is more distinct. In some dogs it is difficult to discern any stop at at all.

Dog Anatomy 101
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5. Dog's Lip

A dog's lip is sometimes called a flew

Dog Anatomy Explained
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6. dogs ear

This is a fairly obvious part of the dogs anatomy

Dog Anatomy For Beginners
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7. occiput

The occiput is the bony bulge on the top of the head. Its function is to protect the brain and bones of the skull

Everything You Need To Know About Naming The Body Parts Of Your Dog
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8. zygomatic arch

The dog's zygomatic arch is sometimes called the cheek bone. You can feel it (and sometimes see it at the side of the eye.

What Is The Difference Between Your Dog's Stifle and Hock
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9. dog's withers

At the back of the neck and basically above the shoulder bones are the withers.

What You Should Know About Dog Anatomy
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10. dog's scapula

The scapula is the shoulder bone and it runs form the withers to the point of the shoulder

What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About Dog Anatomy
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11. dog's sternum

The sternum is the dog's breastbone and can be felt between the front legs.

What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About Dog Anatomy
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12. dog's elbow

The elbow is the point at which the leg bends and can be felt at the back of the dog's leg.

The Most Commonly Used Definitions of Dog Body Parts
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13. the radius and ulna

The dog's radius and ulna run down the front leg to the carpal bones

What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About Dog Anatomy
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14. The dog's carpal bones

The carpal bones in the front legs form what is the equivalent of the dog's wrist.

What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About Dog Anatomy
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15. The dog's pastern

The pastern is the area between the dog's carpal bones and foot,

Straight Forward Definition Of Dog Body Parts
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16. dog's foot

The dogs feet are at the end of the legs (obviously)

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17. dorsal line of the dog

The dorsal line runs along the back of the dog. It is also referred to as the spine or topline.

The Secrets Of Dog Anatomy Revealed
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18. the dog's depth of chest

The depth of chest of the dog is measured from the withers to the area between the legs

The Simple Guide to Dog Anatomy
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19. the dog's hip bone

The hip bone is found towards the back end of the dog and is where the back legs connect

The Names Of The Most Important Parts Of your Dogs Body
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20. the pin bone

You can feel the pin bones either side of the dog's tail.

The Simple Guide to Your Dogs Body Parts
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21. the croup

A dog's croup is the area between the hip bone and the pin bone

23 Dog Body Parts Described
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22. the dog's tail set

The point  at which the tail comes out of the dog's body is called the tail set.

Dog Anatomy Explained
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23. The dog's stifle

The stifle is the dog's back knee. It is a complex joint joining the femur, patella and tibia

Which Dog Body Parts Should You Be Able To Name
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24. The dog's hock

The dog's hock is a joint in the rear legs which is analogous to the ankle of humans.

The Parts Of Your Dog You Should Know
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25. length of hock

In a dog the distance from the hock joint to the ground is the length of hock

Basic Guide To Dog Anatomy
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For a fuller description of the parts of the dog watch the video below.

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