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Why Does My Dog Chew My Shoes?

chewing is natural behavior for dogs

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For a dog, chewing is a completely normal behavior. This applies to puppies and adult dogs.  Domestic dogs and wild dogs will chew on bones for long periods. It keeps their jaws strong and assists with oral hygiene.

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Domestic dogs will chew on just about anything including sticks and dog toys.

Unfortunately, from time to time this natural behaviour will sometimes turn into destructive chewing. it is heartbreaking to find one of your prized objects ruined by your dog. of course, your dog is not able to distinguish between valuable items and the things he should be chewing.

One of the most popular things for a dog to chew is one of his owner’s shoes. Very annoying.

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what to do if you find your dog chewing something he shouldn't.

If you come across your dog chewing one of your possessions, you shouldn't yell at the dog or punish him. Simply take the item away from him and redirected attention to something acceptable. Then reward him with praise.

You should teach your dog the “drop” command. This takes a little bit of effort, but it is really worth it.  it is a useful command in many situations. Once the dog has complied with the drop command, direct his attention to another object.

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how to protect your property from dog chewing

There are some things you can do to protect your belongings.

Your dog should have his own toys and Indestructible chew bones. It's a good idea to have a selection of these toys and rotate them. This will help prevent the dog from becoming bored. You can also give him raw bones to gnaw. Do not give your dog cooked bones as these splinter and can cause injury.

 Make sure that your valuable possessions are kept out of the dog’s reach. This particularly applies  to items like TV remotes which tend to be left just about anywhere.

If you're going to leave your dog at home alone, restrict him to a smaller area of the house.

This area should be free of items he can damage.  As you leave, give him a  raw bone or a Kong to keep him occupied.

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your dog needs mental stimulation

Dogs chew for a number of reasons, but one of them is a lack of mental stimulation. Try to give the dog some vigorous exercise before leaving -  something like chasing a ball is ideal because this exercises both his mind and body.

Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and this can be the underlying cause of their destructive chewing. Separation anxiety can be treated and depending on the severity, you may be able to do this yourself.

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Why Does My Dog Chew My Shoes?
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Why Does My Dog Chew My Shoes?
Find out why your dog chews your shoes and some of the things you can do to prevent it.
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