Why Does My Dog Chew My Shoes?

Why does my dog chew my shoes

As the tails.com blog has pointed out is a recent article, it is perfectly natural for dogs to chew things. Of course we would prefer them not to destroy our valuable possessions. The trick is to teach them the difference between appropriate and inappropriate chewing.

Read the whole article to find out why your dog may be chewing up your stuff and some possible solutions.


Here is an extract from their article:

Firstly, chewing is totally normal behaviour for dogs in general but especially for puppies. They’re constantly learning about the world by watching, listening, playing, interacting with other dogs and people as well as chewing new objects they find. Chewing also soothes discomfort of teething on sensitive gums as a puppy’s adult teeth grow in. During this period, it’s wise to teach puppies what is appropriate to chew by providing plenty of stimulating dog toys, whilst preventing access to objects like shoes.

Why Does My Dog Chew My Shoes?
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Why Does My Dog Chew My Shoes?
Find out why your dog chews your shoes and some of the things you can do to prevent it.
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Dogs Are My Universe
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