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Why Does My Dog Drink From The Toilet Bowl?

Dog And Toilet Bowl

You love your four-legged, furry family member unconditionally. This is true even when Fido insists on developing (and keeping) bad habits like drinking from the toilet bowl. You probably keep his water bowl fresh and full, but he still seems to gravitate towards the bathroom. You may have asked yourself a million times "why do dogs drink from the toilet bowl?" Well we have an answer for you. Keep reading to find out why.

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They don't see the toilet as we do

They don't see the toilet as we do. To us, toilets are gross. They are waste receptacles--smelly, dirty things that we would rather limit our contact with. We know that toilets are full of germs so we know that we shouldn't drink out of it. However, dogs don't know this. In fact, they don't see the toilet as a disposal for waste. Dogs see a shiny bowl full of water. Water in toilets are often cool because of the porcelain, so this makes the water a quenching drink for a thirsty dog. Dogs don't know about germs--at least not like humans--so they think it's safe to drink toilet water. They are probably puzzled about why you don't want them to drink it.

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It's like finding treasure for them

It's like finding treasure for them. Dogs love to be fed because they love to eat. Your furry companion appreciates every meal and bowl of fresh water you give him, but there is a part of their nature that you can't quite get rid of by giving them their food. This nature is to hunt for food--something ingrained in them from their wolf ancestors. While they don't have to go hunting to get to the toilet bowl, finding it is like finding some hidden fountain of unending cool water. Depending on your dog, telling them to stay away from this treasure could even increase their desire to seek it out. It's almost like a challenge which peaks their scavenger nature. While you definitely don't want to let your dog drink from the toilet bowl, just realize that it's a part of their nature to keep returning to it.

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It may not harm them like it would harm us

It may not harm them like it would harm us. There has been a long-held myth that dogs' mouths and immune systems are cleaner and stronger than ours because they can lick garbage and lick each other's rear ends without getting sick. This isn't necessarily true--they don't get sick because their immune systems are affected by different germs than ours. This is why a dog can drink from a toilet bowl (not often, maybe once or twice) without getting sick. Of course, Fido can't make a habit of toilet sipping because there probably is some type of germ or bacteria in there that will eventually affect them. However, if you're dog has ingested a little bit of toilet water once or twice and they aren't presenting any bad symptoms, they're probably okay.

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If you are a person who asks yourself, "why do dogs drink from the toilet bowl?" on a consistent basis, just remember that for your dog, drinking water from the toilet isn't considered taboo. This doesn't mean you should let them drink it, but you can at least understand what attracts them to it.

Constantly trying to convince your dog to stay out of the toilet can be annoying. There are two easy ways to combat this habit. First, keep fresh, cool water in your dog's water bowl. This can make the cool toilet water less attractive since he will already have cool water. Second, keep the bathroom door closed. That's a foolproof way to keep your dog out of the toilet. Neither of these are necessarily "training" him to stay away from the toilet, but it can possibly save you a headache in the future.

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