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Why Is My Dog Pooping In The House?

Why Is My Dog Pooping In The House?

There are many joys to owning a pet dog, but you may also find yourself facing some challenges. There is nothing wrong with having pooping dogs, but you have discovered that your dog has started pooping inside your home. This action is out of character and certainly worrying for you. This sudden change in your dog's behavior is disturbing, and you must find out why it is occurring.

 Possible Causes

There could be several contributing causes that you can examine. These range from small causes through to more significant issues.

Your dog's new and undesirable pooping habits may be a sign that something is not right.   

Is Your Dog Still A Puppy?

If your dog is still a puppy, they may not yet be completely toilet trained. Being consistent in your training is imperative. When you go outside with your puppy, they will become extremely distracted by all the wonderful smells and sounds. Give them enough time to go to the toilet and to play. You might like to establish a routine where the dogs poop first, then they have playtime. Reward and celebration work well with puppies. If they go to the toilet when you go out, reward them and allow them playtime after. This is the start to building a routine. 

Have You Changed Your Dog's Schedule?

When things change in your house for members of the household, then they can impact your older dog's schedule. If you have had a change of jobs or an addition to the family, you may have changed the time you feed your dog or take the dog outside. These changes can cause an upset for many pooches digestive systems as it will take time for its gut to catch up with the new changes. If there have been schedule changes in your household, make sure that your dog is not left inside for long periods.

Do you have an aging dog? There are times when aging dogs or an adult dog could have difficulty controlling their bowels. Muscles may be weakening, or the dog could have a mental condition similar to Alzheimer's, which we see in humans. This condition is called canine cognitive dysfunction. The dog could no longer be aware of where it is toileting or have the facility find its way outside.

Have you been away from home for more extended periods than usual? The dog might not have been able to wait for the length of time required. Certainly, an older dog will tend to go to the toilet more often. If the length of time you have been away is too long, then it is poop in your house. Some find that when their dog has pooped once inside the house, then the pooing inside can increase. 

Has Your Pooch Become Bored Or Anxious?

Dogs are not spiteful creatures. Your pooping dog is not having a go at you for something you have done, but they may be trying to communicate their boredom, anxiety, or considerable pent up energy.

Is your pet dog stressed? Changes in your life can impact your dog. If you are going through stressful times, your animal will likely also experience some of that stress. If you have made changes in the home or moved house, have a new addition to the family, or have a building project on the go, it is good to know that these things could contribute to many dogs' stress.

If the animal is experiencing long periods alone, it may be suffering separation anxiety. This can lead to unpleasant and even destructive behavior, which may include defecating in the house.

If you are able to identify stressors, you can try to help them cope. Extra time spent with the dog may work or implement individual playtimes when they have all your attention. The aim is to make the dog feel as secure as possible.

You could t provide more outside time for your dog to see if this removes the problem. Add in some extra walks or activities that will use up the pup's energy. You may even want to look at doggy daycare for your dog to provide the extra stimulation and exercise that your dog requires. 

Medical Problems

The problem of pooping inside may not be a behavior problem. Rather it could be a medical problem relating to several medical issues. If you cannot find an explanation for the problems, you should visit the veterinarian who will perform an exam and any required tests to find out if there is a health condition causing the problem.  Web MD says these health problems may include a variety of issues.

 Your dog may have developed a food intolerance. Firstly consider if there have been any changes in the dog's diet. Have you introduced a new product? When you change their diet, you should do so gradually, mixing the old and new foods initially and progressively adding more of the new food as you want the dog's digestive system to get used to it. Dietary changes can upset the dog's stomach. If you have not made a change to the diet, the dog may have become sensitive to something you are providing.

 Have you been feeding your pet human food or junk food? This can also upset the gut. Your pet needs a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Canines can develop allergies, and they do get unhealthy bacteria in their gut. They, like humans, get viruses as well as parasites like hookworm or roundworm. All these things can contribute to the change in dog habits and dog poop, leading to indoor pooping.

All these issues can be easily and successfully treated. A visit to the Vet will help identify the issues so that the most appropriate treatment can be provided.

Some more serious health issues may be causing the pooping in the house, and these also need to be investigated by your local Vet. Bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, pain, or arthritis are known to cause changes in the bowel habits of dogs. Taking your pooping pooch to the veterinarian is an important step in identifying the changes you have noticed. 

You have to remember that canines like to poo and wee. It is natural for them to want to mark their territory and leave messages for other animals. It is concerning that your dog has started pooping in your house, but there is a way forward. By looking for the causes and visiting the Vet, you will get to the source of the issue. Once you do this, you will have a way forward to ensure your dog poops outside. 

Although it may be disturbing to see your dog pooping suddenly, don't be discouraged! By taking a systematic approach and examining the causes above, you will be well on your way to reaching the root of the matter and solving this stinky issue. 

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