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Why Is My Dog Whining?

Why Is My Dog Whining

Compared to humans, dogs have a limited range of vocalizations. One of these is whining. They whine for a number of reasons. As dog owners, we should understand what our dogs are trying to tell us. Here are some of the most common reasons that dogs whine.

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He wants something From You

If your dog is sitting at the door whining, he could be telling you that he needs to use the potty. This is a good thing and is probably the result of good potty training. However, you should keep an eye on the frequency of this behavior because frequent urination or defecation good indicate a problem that should be discussed with your vet.

He could also be whining at the door because he has heard something outside. This could be another dog, or it could be a  nocturnal animal. This whining behavior can become annoying and should be discouraged.

He may be telling you that he is hungry or thirsty. Your dog should always have fresh water available to drink. If he is telling you that he wants food and you are confident that his diet is adequate, he may just be developing a bad habit of constantly wanting food.

On other occasions, he may have lost his ball or a toy and wants you to find it for him.

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He Is Stressed Or Anxious

Dogs can hear things that way outside our hearing range. Some dogs are scared by particular noises. They can hear a thunderstorm approaching long before we can. Many dogs are afraid of thunder.

He may be whining because a member of the family is outside in the yard and he things he should be there too.

Separation anxiety is a big issue with dogs. He may whine because he senses your impending departure or his whining might be heard by neighbors after you have left. There are ways to make your dog happier while you are away.

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Attention Seeking Behavior

Sometimes your dog is just telling you that it is time to have some fun. He's sick of lying in the corner while you work on your laptop or watch TV. It's time to go to the park.

Your dog needs regular daily exercise and if he gets this then this type of whining behavior will be minimised. He should also have toys available to play with.

He Is In Pain

Dogs are very stoic and often do not show signs of pain. However, some dogs will whine when they are in pain. If they have an injury or are suffering from arthritis, they will sometimes let out a short yelp when they lie down or get up.

If this type of whining or yelping is not normal for you your dog, don't ignore it. Take him to the veterinarian for a check-up.

A dog with dementia can become very confused about his surroundings. He may whine as if asking you what he should be doing next

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Your dog whines for various reasons. It is always because of some kind of need. As a dog owner you should take the time to work out why he is whining and ensure that his needs are being met.

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