Why You Should Adopt These Puppies

Why you should adopt these puppies

The Transport Security Administration is looking for new homes for some of its dogs which haven't quite made the grade during training. They are normal healthy dogs - they just aren't interested in sniffing for bombs


The dogs range in age from two to ten years. Breeds include Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois although currently Labrador Retrievers are the only breed available. Most are purebred but are not registered with the AKC.

The dogs were bred to be working dogs with a high level of drive. In other words they are very active dogs and need to be with active owners who offer them stimulation. Couch potatoes should not apply.

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Why You Should Adopt These Puppies
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Why You Should Adopt These Puppies
Some puppies are available for adoption from the Department Of Transport Security
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