Why Your Dog Needs Mental Stimulation

Outdoor exercise provides your dog with much more than just physical activity It is an important source of mental stimulation too. A recent post on the tails.com blog gives a list of suggestions that would make outings more stimulating for your dog.

Remember two of the main causes of behavioral problems in dogs is boredom and excess energy.


Due to our modern lifestyle dogs are often left for long periods by themselves ​so it is more important than ever to share interesting activities with them whenever possible.

This is crucial for all dogs and often overlooked. It makes for a far happier pet if we stimulate their brain daily, otherwise they easily become bored, frustrated and can develop problem behaviours. One way we can maximise this is by incorporating good training and play into their exercise routines. Here’s a list of suggestions on how to make daily exercise outdoors more engaging and stimulating for your dog:

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Why Your Dog Needs Mental Stimulation
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Why Your Dog Needs Mental Stimulation
Providing metal stimulation for dogs
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